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Launch is New Zealand owned and USA operated, bringing you the best knowledge from both countries together for success. 

Owner and Director Dan Keith is from New Zealand and spent 18 years owning businesses in the Wellington Hospitality and Sport Event industry before setting up his own import and distribution company in Hawaii for New Zealand wine, seafood and water. In 2017 he relocated to California to collaborate with a New Zealand Wine Export Company and the expansion of many well-respected family estate wineries from New Zealand into the USA. From these experiences NZ LAUNCH was formed.

Dan has invaluable relationship skills and understanding of the intricacies of doing business in a vast country full of endless possibilities. He also, from his own first hand experience knows that doing business in the USA can be daunting, full of many challenges, hurdles and unexpected costs. The biggest mistake he sees is New Zealanders going to the USA and doing business like they do in New Zealand, rather than thinking and doing like an American. Executed well doing business in the USA can be hugely rewarding. 

Dan set up Launch to assist others to expand with guidance and knowledge for optimal success.

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