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If you have a product you would like to see in the USA market and are not sure where to start our consult package is an excellent, affordable option for specialist market knowledge and guidance without you having to go and work it all out yourself. 

Our specialist consultation services assess your product, branding and competitors in the USA market. We conduct market research on your behalf, collate import information, complete a market and competitor pricing analysis for you, pricing structure suggestions and direction for entry and expansion into the USA. 

Cost: Either set fee or commission based


Consultancy rates for any of our other services, or on going work are quoted on a case by case basis.

Connect with us for a quote.


NZ LAUNCH + Chianti Services Imports hold Import, Distribution + Direct to Consumer Licences for the USA. 

Services Offered:

- Importer of Record

- Warehousing

- Distribution within CA, and other States

- Direct to Consumer services           throughout the USA

Pricing varies dependent on situation + requirements. Inquire for more info.

Please feel free to visit our site to view current offerings. 

Pricing: Products
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