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Specialist consultation services to assess your product, branding and competitors in the USA market. Market research, import information, market and competitor pricing analysis, pricing structure suggestions and direction for entry and expansion into the USA.customer service. Get in touch to learn more.


Be directed and connected for importing, distributions options and large chain contracts best suited to your product, brand and price point.
NZ LAUNCH has a partnership with Chianti Services Imports so can assist with all beverage products import, distribution and direct to consumer needs at competitive prices.


If you want to expand a New Zealand business or franchise to the USA we can assist with location and area information, real estate/commercial space options and research on your behalf. 

If you have product or business in the USA and want support, industry knowledge or change we are able to assist. 


Be Inspired. Guided and informative tours throughout the USA designed specifically for your needs and product. You can assess the market, opportunities, competitors and regions without having to spend unnecessary time and money working out where best to go yourself.

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